Discovery Call: Free
15 minutes

Let’s talk and see if I can assist you on your healing journey! I am here to answer some questions you may have before you schedule a consultation with me. 


Because aromatherapy is a complimentary therapy, you should talk to your doctor before starting our sessions. That way your care & treatment plan can be tailored to work together with any medical care or treatment you’re receiving. 


First Consultation: $75
1 hour & includes one treatment


* You will be required to fill out an Intake Form before your consultation.


* During your first consultation you will discover what aromas you appreciate and are drawn to.
I believe enjoying and finding pleasure in what we smell initiates the journey of improving our wellness, with our sense of smell. 

* We will be asking and answering questions together about your lifestyle & wellness goals to create a personalized self care and wellness plan that suits your needs using aromatherapy. 

*If there is an area that is not in my scope of practice I will recommend one of my holistic colleagues to you. It will be your responsibility to follow through with any outside referrals. 


*You may decide to have a few sessions with me, or you can establish ongoing sessions for a longer period of time.

Follow up Visits: $25 
30 minutes -extra charges apply for treatment(s)

*Follow up visits are for returning clients or for clients that are in need of ongoing care.